Bella and Sean love cooking, bbqing and making great tasting food. Bella wanted to make a seasoning that would be great on her ribs. Sean took one taste and was in love with it. He bragged and bragged on how great his wife's ribs were well the rest is history. Because that rub turned into The Crack Rub and was bought from friends and strangers from all over! 

SnB Co was created and has been a slow transition of Hobby Backyard cooking to All Year Business. They appreciate they friends and family for all the wonderful support that has been given. 

To order you will need to text Bella 408-561-4432 she will let you know what is available and how you can order it. 

Weekend BBQ Available

1st come 1st Serve. 

Once it's Sold Out its GONE! 

We pride ourselves with quality product. Creating a product that tastes great, and makes us proud of what you can produce in your own bbq.

Sean and Bella - Owner


Adam Travale - 

Yesterday I got a chance to try a BBQ burrito from Smokin Mason BBQ. Sean and Bella were kind enough to send 2 pounds of BBQ magic wrapped in 2 tortillas (it was like a small baby lol) to me and let me tell you, it was ridiculously delicious. I split it with my buddy at work and we could not stop talking about how Amazing it was. Now, I’m not sure if the BBQ burrito is going to become a menu item - I hope it is!! But the flavor of the BBQ brisket and pork shoulder is AMAZING!! If you’re into BBQ and haven’t tried Smokin Mason BBQ - you’re missing out!!!

Ed Godbout- 

So yesterday for the first time I ordered 2 Racks of Beef Ribs for dinner last night

And let me tell you they were the best Beef Ribs I have ever had it was hard no to eat both racks myself

Thank you Smokin Mason BBQ you definitely have a new customer for life

I can’t wait to try more bbq



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